We had some high hopes for the April 9-10 weekend. This month, Bursa is celebrating the 690th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest. We enjoyed these celebrations last year, and we were looking forward to watching the festivities again this year. Regrettably, the weekend didn’t happen as we had planned. Saturday’s colorful and lively conquest parade was unfortunately canceled, while the Ottoman village festival that was held on Sunday in Seçköy and Avdancık was dampened by heavy, gully washing rains.

But none of that stopped us from attending some of the activities anyway and snapping a few photos of the traditional Ottoman way of life. Here are a few scenes from the weekend that wasn’t meant to be.


Karagoz and Hacivat, Bursa, Turkey

Karagöz and Hacivat, Bursa’s ambassadors

Ottoman dress, Bursa Turkey

Young women showing off traditional Ottoman dress

Ottoman dress, Bursa Turkey

Willing to pose for a photo

Sultan Gate, Bursa, Turkey

Sultan’s Gate in the old castle wall

Ottoman guard, Bursa, Turkey

Guarding the Sultan’s Gate

Tophane, Bursa, Turkey

An inviting nook in the Tophane area

Avdancık, Bursa, Turkey

Avdancık, one location of Sunday’s village festival

Seçköy, Bursa Turkey

Seçköy tea house, Ottoman village festival

Seçköy, Bursa, Turkey

Traditional Ottoman bride on the way to meet her groom, Seçköy

Seçköy, Bursa, Turkey

Local ladies hoping for a glimpse of the passing bride, Seçköy