As of May 2017, The Best of Bursa is no longer being updated or maintained. But we still love Bursa! And we still think we have some really cool and useful articles, tips, and photos here. So, we’ll leave The Best of Bursa online for you to peruse and enjoy. Thanks for visiting The Best of Bursa!


      Welcome to The Best of Bursa, a site introducing travelers and “wanderlusters” to the neat places and people of Bursa, Turkey.  As you browse this site, I hope that you will not only learn a bit about Bursa and its features, but that you will also be encouraged to visit this city and meet some of the wonderful people who make it great.

      If you're ever in Bursa, just look for me at the nearest tea shop.

      If you’re ever in Bursa, just look for me at the nearest tea shop.

      My family and I came to Bursa a couple years ago in search of opportunities to meet great people, see neat places, and experience new things in this historic and hospitable city.  We have certainly not been disappointed.  And having been here for a little while now, we thought it was time to begin chronicling some of our experiences, sharing some of our insights, and introducing you to some of the places we go and people we meet.  That’s what The Best of Bursa is all about.

      The Best of Bursa is first and foremost a blog of personal experiences.  As such, it likely won’t replace your favorite travel guide.  My goal is just to pique your interest in such a way that the next time you’re traveling through this part of the world, you’ll make it a point to visit this city and share in some of the same experiences that make us happy to be here.  And to help you start planning your Bursa visit, I’ve included a little bit of basic travel information from our tried-and-tested perspective.

      Thanks for visiting The Best of Bursa, and we hope to see you in Bursa in the near future.

      Bursa’ya hoş geldiniz!  Welcome to Bursa!



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