Last updated December 31, 2015

      Looking for a place to stay in Bursa? There are plenty of Bursa hotels to meet every style and budget. Here’s our categorized view of the Bursa, Turkey hotel scene, and we’ve even listed our personal top picks in a few categories. For more information on Bursa hotels, please be sure to check out our Stay, Eat, Shop page. Of course, not all Bursa hotels are listed here, so if you have a good experience at one and think we should add it to the list, just let us know.

      For the record: Unless directly stated otherwise, a property being listed in this post does not indicate or imply a recommendation.


      Bursa Luxury Hotels

      Crowne Plaza Bursa

      The Crowne Plaza rises against a mountainous backdrop

      Our current top pick: Crowne Plaza Hotel. This is arguably the nicest hotel in Bursa. With a fantastic spa, excellent restaurants, and a clean, modern ambience, the 5-star Crowne Plaza is the first place we recommend for people who like luxury. Our only complaint: the hotel is not directly accessible to the city’s sights or public transportation routes. But taxis are always available. Other options: We have friends who argue that the Sheraton Hotel, with its excellent spa, is the nicest in town. The Hilton tends to be the highest-rated Bursa hotel on and is easily accessible by public transportation. The Divan, managed by Preferred Hotels and Resorts, offers a spa and other luxury amenities. A local 5-star alternative is Almira Hotel next to Merinos Park. It boasts a spa and rooftop pool and is in an easily accessible downtown location.

      Read Almira Hotel Bursa, Luxury with Location.


      Bursa’s Çekirge Thermal Hotels

      Tiara Termal & Spa Hotel, Bursa

      Tiara Thermal & Spa Hotel, Çekirge

      Bursa’s Çekirge neighborhood is famous for its therapeutic hot springs, and many thermal (“termal”) hotels have sprung up in the area. Prices, services, and amenities vary widely, but most thermal hotels have spas, thermal pools, and/or hamams (Turkish baths) that tap into Çekirge’s mineral-rich hot spring water. Our current top pick: Marigold Thermal Hotel and Spa. With an excellent spa, nice restaurants, and great service, the 5-star luxury Marigold is a fantastic Çekirge hotel that we would recommend without reservation. Other options: The Kervansaray Thermal Hotel is right next to the historic Eski Kaplıca Hamam. The 5-star Hotel Çelik Palas, now managed by Grand Swiss-Belhotel, boasts a full spa and luxury accommodations and was built at the request of Atatürk himself. Tiara Thermal and Spa Hotel and Hotel Anatolia are both nice and well-located. Gönlüferah Thermal Hotel is a well-known establishment dating back to 1890. Huzur Thermal Hotel, Kadı Konağı, and Boyugüzel Thermal Hotel are lower priced options.


      Bursa Boutique Hotels

      Bursa Kitapevi Hotel

      Kitapevi, A charming boutique hotel

      Our current top pick: Kitapevi Hotel. This excellent little 12-room inn is situated in a charming Ottoman house just inside the old city wall and offers a traditional ambience with modern amenities. Suites are available. The garden behind the house is beautiful and a great place for a relaxing breakfast. It is important to note that the hotel is not directly accessible by car. Other options: The 7-room Kale Içi Hotel is situated in a lovely 150-year-old mansion on quiet side street in the castle area of the old city. I’ve toured the house and sipped tea in the garden and I hope to get the chance one day to stay there myself. Safran Hotel and Tala Boutique Hotel are other Ottoman house inns near Tophane Park. Bursa Ipekyolu Hotel is a quaint 16-room inn conveniently located in the Kayhan/Batpazar neighborhood near the main downtown bazaar.


      Bursa Mid-Range Hotels

      Bursa Holiday Inn

      A poolside party at Bursa’s Holiday Inn

      Our current top pick: Central Hotel. Conveniently located across the street from lively Kent Meydanı, Central Hotel doesn’t offer many frills, but it does offer a nice, clean, comfortable stay with good service at a reasonable price. It has a restaurant and garden terrace, too. Other options: If you’d rather stay in the heart of the historic bazaar area, consider such mid-range local establishments as Kent Hotel, Hotel Artiç, Kervansaray Bursa City Hotel, Bursa Palas Hotel, and Hotel Dikmen. Scattered around Kent Meydanı, Tuğcu Select Hotel, Kardeş Hotel, Green Prusa Hotel, Karakaya Hotel, and Burçman Hotel are more local mid-range options. The Berussa Hotel is located in Çekirge . If you prefer a Western chain hotel, the Hampton Inn is adjacent to the Hilton Hotel, while Aloft sits next to the Sheraton. These two hotels share some facilities with their bigger siblings. The Holiday Inn is a nice hotel with a spa located on the west edge of town next to the university, and Ībis tends to be the least expensive chain hotel option in Bursa. The 4-star Baia Bursa Hotel, a Turkish chain hotel, is located near the bus terminal.


      Bursa Budget Hotels

      Efehan Hotel, Bursa

      Efehan Hotel in Bursa’s bazaar area

      For budget hotel options in the historic district, check out Bursa City Hotel, Efehan Hotel, Hotel Grand Heykel, Çamlıbel Hotel, Asmin Hotel, Torun Hotel, Setbaşı Hotel and Onuncuköy Hotel. A number of Bursa’s budget hotels are concentrated around Kent Meydanı as Kent Meydanı AVM (shopping mall) was once the city’s main bus terminal. Such hotels include Meta Hotel, Ceylan Hotel, Çakır Hotel, and Alhas Hotel. Budget options just outside the center include Yeşil Yıldırım Hotel on the east side of downtown and Best Hotel on the west side. In Çekirge, budget hotels include the Çekirge Gold Thermal Hotel, Adapalas Hotel, Kırcı Thermal Hotel, and Hotel Güler.


      Bursa Hostels

      To our knowledge, there aren’t any true backpackers’ or dormitory-style hostels in Bursa. Perhaps the closest thing to a hostel would be the 8-room Ufuk Dağ Evi. Located in the mountainside village of Yiğitali, this house features simple rooms and shared facilities such as kitchen, lounge, and bathrooms. If you know of hostel-like properties in the Bursa area, please tell us!


      Bursa Apartments

      For those who prefer to self-stay in a rented apartment, there are a number of self-catering units available in Bursa. Scattered throughout the downtown area, options include Bursa Ottomans Centrum, Bursa Park Apart, Anna Apartment, Bursa Residence, Uluhan House City, Heykel Residence, Yanki Apartments, Abbasi Apart, Eves Home Apart, Lena Central Flats, Apartment Begenilir, Eyanka ApartmentDuru Residence, and Araz Apart. Bursa Guest House is a similar option that features some shared facilities. The Blue Detached House is a single-unit apartment in the Yeşil neighborhood. A number of other apartment accommodations are available in Bursa.


      Airbnb in Bursa

      airbnbThere are dozens of Airbnb accommodations scattered throughout the city, ranging from shared spaces to full apartments. There are also a handful outside the city in locations like Mudanya and Īznik. For a complete listing, visit the Airbnb website.


      Accommodations Outside Bursa’s City Center

      If you’re looking to stay in towns and villages outside the city, you have quite a few options.

      • Mudanya: Montania Hotel, situated in an old train station next to the sea, is probably the best known place to stay in Mudanya. Another unique option is the Otantik Gemi Hotel, housed in an anchored boat at Güzelyalı Marina. In the old seaside Ottoman neighborhood, there are a handful of small boutique-style inns. Options include Lafontaine Hotel, Atlas Hotel, Mudanya Konak Hotel, Green House Hotel, Aparmeia Hotel, Girithan Hotel, and Esman Hotel.
      • Bulanlar Pansiyon Cumalikizik Bursa

        Cumalıkızık’s Bulanlar Konak Pansiyon (left) and Restaurant (right)

        Tirilye: In the lovely seaside village of Zeytinbağı (also known as Tirilye), about 12 kilometers west of Mudanya, hotel options include Emprador Hotel, Trilye Kaplan Hotel, and the Trilyalı Butik Hotel, housed in an Ottoman-period mansion right on the village’s seafront.

      • Īznik (Nicaea): There are a handful of hotels in Nicaea, most of which are located along the lakeshore. We can personally recommend Cem Otel. Other lakeside options include Hotel Zeytin Bahçesi, Grand Hotel Belekoma, Seyir Butik, and the lower-priced Çamlık Motel. Located on the north shore of Iznik Lake, Kriska’s House offers private accommodations in a quiet setting.
      • Cumalıkızık: In the quaint mountainside Ottoman village of Cumalıkızık, there are two options for overnight accommodations: the 6-room Mavi Boncuk Konukevi, which features a beautiful breakfast garden, and the traditionally styled Bulanlar Konak Pansiyon and Restaurant.
      • Gemlik: Gemlik is a nice little town on the shore of Marmara Sea. The Kumla area northwest of town is locally known for its beaches and summer holiday homes. Atamer Doğa Resort and Kerimbey Hotel are both on Kumla’s seafront.
      • Īnegöl: Perhaps the most famous establishment in Īnegöl is the Oylat Thermal Hotel, located in a forested mountainside area outside the town. I’ve been told this hotel is not just an overnight stay, but a destination in and of itself. Someday I’ll check it out. Other Īnegöl options include Royal Hotel Īnegöl, Hotel Angelacoma, and Hotel Park Īnegöl.


      Uludağ Hotels

      Beceren Hotel, Uludag

      Beceren Hotel in a mountaintop snowstorm

      Uludağ is western Turkey’s largest and most well-known ski resort. As such, it boasts a large number of ski hotels spread into two villages, or zones. Around 30 mountaintop hotels offer accommodations during the ski season, ranging from budget to luxury. The Beceren Hotel has been recommended to me as an ideal ski lodge, and I’ve personally toured the luxury Grand Yazıcı Hotel and Spa. Many Uludağ hotels shutter their doors in the off-season summer months, but a few stay open. Summertime hotels include Beceren Café, Ağaoğlu My Mountain Hotel, and Alkoclar Zone Hotel. If camping is your thing, summer cabins and tent sites are available on Uludağ at Sarıalan and Çobankaya.


      There you have it. This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you a decent overview of the variety of accommodations that Bursa, Turkey hotels have to offer. If you have a recommendation for us or if you’d like to share an experience with us, please let us know!