Featured Fotoğrafı for January 9:  The twin domes of Eski Kaplıca Hamamı (Old Hot Spring Bathhouse) rise above the valley in Bursa’s Çekirge neighborhood.  Çekirge is famous for its therapeutic hot spring water.  The local Horhor Spring feeds mineral-rich, 90ºC water to Eski Kaplıca, which is one of Bursa’s oldest and best known Turkish baths.  Records suggest that a public bathhouse sat on this site as far back as 525 A.D.  The current building was constructed by Sultan Murad I in 1385 and was enlarged by Sultan Beyazid II in 1511.  Today, the bathhouse continues to serve the public with its three sections: a men’s hamam, a women’s hamam, and a family hamam.  It’s also part of Bursa’s UNESCO World Heritage Listing.