One of the things I appreciate about Bursa is that despite all it has to offer in its cultural and historical heritage, it’s not (yet) a major tourist destination. This means that when we’re out and about on the streets and in the markets, we’re mostly interacting with locals–regular folks who are living their lives, raising their families, trying to make an honest living, and enjoying life in Bursa. It also allows us to get some neat snapshots of everyday street life.

For this Featured Fotoğrafı post, I looked back through some of my recent camera rolls to find some everyday scenes from the Bursa streets. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Enjoy.

Bursa durumcu

A cook works over a hot grill in a dürüm shop in Çekirge

Bursa kayhan cay evi

A tea house and metal shop in Bursa’s Kayhan neighborhood

Bursa Tuz Pazar

In the Tuz Pazarı in Bursa’s downtown market

Bursa shoe shiners

Shoe shiners open for business near Osmangazi station

Bursa street lamp

In Çekirge, a simple street lamp against an old wall becomes art

underpass graffiti

A glimpse of Bursa’s grittier side

Bursa kent meydani fountain

Playing in the fountain in Bursa’s Kent Meydanı

arap sukru cay house

Sipping tea in the shade, a Turkish past time

Bursa Şehreküstü metro station

Inside the busy Şehreküstü metro station

Bursa street singers

Street artists sharing their talents on Cumhuriyet Caddesi

Bursa street cayci

A çaycı delivers his goods in Bursa’s downtown bazaar

Bursa yildirim hastane

Families wait outside the Yıldırım health clinic, which operates in a 14th century madrasah

Bursa sultan gate

The day draws to a close behind the Sultan Gate in Bursa’s old city

By the way, the results of the Bursa’da Zaman Magazine winter photo contest are in, and the photos are fantastic. If you like photography and appreciate Bursa, I recommend that you take a few minutes to look at judges’ selections.