The Best of Bursa, Turkey

      As of May 2017, The Best of Bursa is no longer being updated or maintained. But we still love Bursa! And we still think we have some really cool and useful articles, tips, and photos here. So, we’ll leave The Best of Bursa online for you to peruse and enjoy. Thanks for visiting The Best of Bursa!


      1. What is The Best of Bursa? The Best of Bursa is a travel blog highlighting the people and places of Bursa, Turkey.  Please visit the welcome page or introduction post to learn more.

      2. Why visit Bursa? See my thoughts on this subject here.

      3. Who are Karagöz and Hacivat, and why do they approve of The Best of Bursa? Find out here.

      4. What is Bursa known for? History, culture, and nature.  Ottomans, sultans, hans, Karagöz, Uludağ, green spaces, redbuds, peaches, knives, iskender, tiles, and much more.  Visit the Bursa highlights page for an overview.

      5. What is there to do in Bursa? See the See and Do page or my suggested Day Guides. Or see my Top Ten List. Traveling with children? See Bursa Attractions for Families with Children.

      6. How do I get to Bursa? Generally by ferry or bus. Here is some general travel info to get you started.

      7. Can you recommend a hotel in Bursa? Yes.  See some recommendations here or read an overview of the Bursa hotel scene in the post, Bursa Hotels for Every Style.  Visit (affiliate link) to see a list of hotel options and verified reviews.

      8. Is English spoken in Bursa? Yes, but not much. Certainly not as much as Istanbul or more touristy places in Turkey. You’ll want to be okay with this before you come.  But as I can personally attest, you don’t need to know much Turkish to feel welcomed here and have a great time.

      9. What are some must-purchase souvenirs in Bursa? Bursa is particularly known for Bursa silk and Īznik tiles.  And anything with Karagöz and Hacivat.  Go here for more shopping ideas or read Our Top Ten Bursa Souvenirs.  Also visit our Amazon Associates Store.  While in Bursa, we suggest visiting the Anadolu Ceramics and Gift Shop in the Yeşil neighborhood.

      10. What are some must-try foods in Bursa? Īskender kebab, kestane şekeri, and Īnegöl köfte are among the local classics.  And if you’re here in late summer, the locally-grown fresh peaches are phenomenal.  Here’s some info on the local fare.

      Have a question not listed here?  Contact me and I’ll see what I can come up with.