Hoş geldiniz!  Welcome to The Best of Bursa!

      What is The Best of Bursa?

      The Best of Bursa is a personal travel blog, a place to chronicle and share some of my experiences as an expat in Bursa. I’ve also included a little bit of destination information from my personal perspective. Ultimately, my aim is to introduce Turkey-bound travelers and “wanderlusters” to the people and places that make Bursa a great place.

      Who are you?

      This isn't me, but I'd love to be that suave.

      This isn’t me, but I’d love to be this suave.

      I’m a teacher by training, a writer by trade, a traveler by choice, and an expat by calling. Having worked for a number of years as a technical writer in the education sector, I decided to pick up a hobby and launch out into the big but crowded sea of travel writing. Bursa is the perfect place from which to do that, and this site is part of that experiment.


      My family and I have been in Bursa for a while and, for the most part, we really like this place. There are neat places to see, interesting things to experience, a rich history to learn, and wonderful people to meet. Unfortunately, though, Bursa is heavily overshadowed by nearby Istanbul and therefore overlooked by most travelers. I hope to encourage travelers to take a closer look at Bursa and invite them to come experience it for themselves.

      Can I trust what you write?

      Well, I’ll let you decide that.  But I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t done myself and had a good time doing.

      Can I follow this blog?

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      Let me also encourage you to read this site’s Terms of Use.

      Thank you for browsing The Best of Bursa. Now, it’s time for me to write and for you to plan your visit to Bursa!