Bursa Letterboxes

      The international tourism hobby called letterboxing—a low-tech form of geocaching—has come to Bursa through the efforts of letterboxers who go by the trail name “silkroadwanderers.” Here at The Best of Bursa, we’ve happily agreed to host the clues for these Bursa letterboxes.

      We’re not sure how many letterboxes silkroadwanderers will end up planting in Bursa, so be sure to check back now and then.

      For information on letterboxing and to learn how to join in on the hobby, visit the Atlas Quest website.

      Atlas Quest Box #263897

      Bursa is known as Turkey’s Green City. In the Green City is a famous and historical old Ottoman neighborhood called Yeşil. Yeşil is Turkish for “green.” The Yeşil area dates back to the 15th Century.

      This letterbox is hidden in a popular souvenir shop in the Yeşil neighborhood.


      • Read this article about Yunus and Taner’s Anadolu Ceramic and Carpet Gift Shop in Bursa’s Yeşil.
      • In Yeşil, find Anadolu Ceramic and Carpet Gift Shop. The shop is located in a historic, three-story, green-colored Ottoman home. It is immediately behind the 15th Century hamam/Turkish bath house (also a souvenir shop), across the intersection from the 15th Century madrasah/religious school (now the Turkish Islamic Arts Museum).
      • Enter the gift shop from the street into the grapevine-shaded courtyard. Say hello to Yunus and Taner.
      • From the courtyard entrance, walk straight ahead to the rugs hanging along the courtyard wall below the white-lettered red signs. Pull back the bottom-right corner of the bottom-right rug. You will find the letterbox in a small rubber banded cardboard box.

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      Atlas Quest Box #264040

      Uludağ (Grand Mountain) majestically rises above the city of Bursa, Turkey. In the summer, it is a refreshingly cool getaway. In the winter, it’s a skier’s wonderland. A cable car (teleferik) runs up the mountain from Bursa’s Teferrüç neighborhood to Sarıalan, a beautiful plateau 5500 feet above the city.

      The letterbox is hidden among a rocky outcrop in a lovely green meadow about a mile or so walk from the Sarıalan teleferik station.


      • Take the 20-minute teleferik ride to Sarıalan. You can read about that here. Alternatively, you can drive the winding mountain road from the city up to Sarıalan.
      • At Sarıalan, walk the cobblestone road past Palabıyık Et Lokantası (restaurant) and into the forest on the trail to Çobankaya. At the end of the pavement, continue walking along the dirt path that crosses a shallow stream and leads up into a large grassy meadow. Follow the teleferik line if you’re not sure.
      • Follow the dirt path into the meadow. Continue along the path. Continue to follow the teleferik line. Eventually you’ll come upon a large rocky outcrop on your left right before the path goes back into the forest. The letterbox is hidden in the outcrop.
      • Below the largest rock face in the outcrop, there is a small rock jutting out slightly and creating a small crevasse. In the crevasse, under a pile of light-colored stones, is a plastic box wrapped in a plastic bag.
      • Letterbox coordinates: 40º7’36” N, 29º7’8” E.

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