There are some truly beautiful natural areas in and around Bursa. When a skilled photographer captures Bursa’s natural beauty on camera, I am both impressed and inspired. That’s why when I ran across Özgür Altınkaynak’s photography of Bursa’s nature, I asked him if I could feature some of his work here at The Best of Bursa. So in this Featured Fotoğrafı post, we hope you enjoy a few shots of Bursa’s nature compliments of Özgür Altınkaynak.

      Özgür Altınkaynak is a Bursa photographer with an eye for Bursa’s nature. All photos here are copyright © Özgür Altınkaynak and have been republished with permission. Visit

      Iznik Lake, Iznik, Bursa, Turkey

      Īznik Lake long exposure

      Golyazi Bursa Turkey

      Uluabat Lake, Gölyazı

      Saitabat waterfall, Bursa, Turkey

      Saitabat Waterfall, Saitabat Village above Kestel

      Botanik Park, Bursa, Turkey

      Bursa Botanik Park

      Botanik Park, Bursa, Turkey

      Bursa Botanik Park

      Gokdere, Setbasi, Bursa, Turkey

      Gökdere, Bursa’s Setbaşı neighborhood

      Cumalikizik, Bursa, Turkey

      A Cumalıkızık craftsman

      Bonus: Though the below photo wasn’t shot in Bursa, I think it’s a nice one and thought to include it here anyway.

      Kocaeli, Turkey

      Pembe Kayalıklar, Kocaeli

      Nature photography is not Özgür’s only forte. He also specializes in concert photography and is beginning to expand into interior design and modeling photography. When Özgür is not shooting photos, he’s pursuing his other love: music and recording.

      You can see Özgür’s growing portfolio and contact information at his website,