In recent years, the Bursa provincial government (under the name Ulu Şehir) has commissioned a number of outstanding short videos highlighting some of Bursa’s neat attractions. A few others travelers have made some nice Bursa videos as well. Many of these videos can be found by searching YouTube or Facebook. To save you the work of searching, I’ve taken the opportunity to put together a collection of a few of the best English-language and wordless Bursa videos on the Web at the moment (in my opinion, at least).

      If you’re planning a trip to Bursa, or if you just want to see some of Bursa’s notable features on film, take a few minutes to watch a handful of these Bursa videos. Enjoy!

      Turkey: Home of Bursa is short introductory video presented by Turkey’s tourism ministry.

      Bursa Tanıtım Filmi is a wordless 3-minute video with nice camera work.

      Here are a few really well-done short videos offered by the Bursa provincial government. You can view many more of these short films on the Ulu Şehir YouTube channel.
      Bursa: The Grand City

      Bursa Ulu Şehir

      Bursas UNESCO Introduction

      Bursa’s Nature

      Bursa – The Beautiful City of All Times is an 11-minute video offered by the Bursa municipality. Nice and informative.

      Top Things to See and Do in Bursa, Turkey is a short introduction video by David Hoffman of davidsbeenhere.


      There are two more videos that I am compelled to share here. Though neither of them is specifically about Bursa, both do wonderful job capturing the spirit of the country we have come to love. These are by far my favorite Turkey videos:

      Faces of Turkey by The Perennial Plate.

      Watchtower of Turkey by Leonardo Delassandri.