We’re pretty confident that winter in Bursa is coming to an end. Sure, there will be snow on the mountain for a couple of months yet. But down here in the valley the season appears to be turning. Crabapple trees are blooming, tulips are pushing their way through the soil, and the extended weather forecast shows temperatures remaining well above freezing for the foreseeable future. Ah, spring is springing.

      In honor of winter’s end, I took a little time over the weekend to sort through my camera rolls from the past few months and share a few of my favorite wintertime photos from Bursa’s streets. I can’t post all of my favorites here; I have to save a few for the upcoming Bursa’da Zaman four seasons photo contest. But, here’s a little collection of this year’s winter snapshots from the snowy streets of Bursa. Happy end of winter!


      Bursa snowy day

      These shoppers quickly pass by a scarf shop in downtown Bursa as the snow flies and the afternoon fades into evening.


      Bursa snowy street

      A snowy yet colorful side street just above Altıparmak Caddesi.


      Bursa tram snow

      The green and white T3 tram zips along Yeni Cumhuriyet Caddesi as seen from the second floor of Lal’e kebab shop.


      Bursa snow

      These two share a good time playing in the fresh snow in front of Orhan Bey Mosque in downtown Bursa on a beautiful snowy afternoon.


      Bursa Emir Han

      The fountain in quiet Emir Han continues to trickle despite the cold and snow.


      Bursa bazaar wintertime

      Unfazed by the falling snow and cold temps, shoppers continue their errands in the open-air central bazaar.


      Bursa bazaar wintertime

      A fruit vendor offers his goods in the downtown Tuz Pazarı on a snowy day in Bursa.


      Bursa candied chestnut shop

      The corner candied chestnut shop looks like an inviting place to be on a cold and snowy day along Yeni Cumhuriyet Caddesi.