Almost. Thought about it. Could’ve. Should’ve. Even tried. But alas, in the end, didn’t. I didn’t enter photos into the Bursa’da Zaman Dergisi (Magazine) spring photo contest.

      Actually, I was all ready to go. I had chosen and edited three photos for the contest and had them ready to enter. But it seemed like some technical glitches prevented me from uploading my photos and entering them in the competition. And by the time I got around to re-attempting to enter, the deadline had passed. Bummer.

      But, the good thing is that I can share my spring photos never entered here at The Best of Bursa. The three photos below are what I would have submitted had I been successful in my attempt to enter the competition. Your enjoyment of these photos will certainly serve as a worthy consolation.

      Anyway, it’s probably just as well that I didn’t enter. The entries in the spring photo contest were quite excellent, certainly beyond my ability. If you have a moment, I recommend you click here to view the winning and honored photos in the Bursa’da Zaman spring photo contest.

      And yes, I will attempt to enter photos in the summer contest.

      So, here are my spring photos never entered. The first two were shot in April at Merinos Park and the third was shot on Easter day on Uludağ.

      Bursa tulip











      Bursa tulips











      Bursa Uludag crocus




















      And here’s a bonus photo. This one was taken by my buddy, Dale, as he crossed the Marmara on the Eskihisar-Topçular ferry. Snapped with an iPhone and unedited. Thanks for sending it my way, Dale!

      Eskihisar-Topcular Ferry